Trace and Wipe Game board - Hanging monkey
Trace and Wipe Game board - Hanging monkey

Trace and Wipe Game board - Hanging monkey

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Want the children to play fun games but sick of loosing pieces to game boards?

We have the solution for you with our reusable Trace and Wipe game boards. 

No little pieces required to play, all you need is the game board itself and the markers (white board or liquid chalk).

The best thing about these boards are they easily wipe clean so they can be used again and again just wipe clean using a baby wipe or damp cloth. 

Since they are engraved they are also a great keepsake. 

Hanging Monkey 

Similar to Hangman (but with an appropriate image for kids), Hanging Monkey is a great game that encourages alphabet recognition, word formation, spelling of words and the process of elimination.

A two player game where one player has to guess the secret word or phrase the other player has chosen by guessing possible letters in the word or phrase. Each time an incorrect letter is chosen, a part of the hanging monkey is drawn. Aim is for the player to guess the word before the entire monkey hanging off the tree is drawn.   


This pack includes:

  • 1 x Trace and Wipe Hanging Monkey Game board.
  • 1 x Chalk marker/ white board marker (random colour)


Please allow up to 7 business days for production time before they are posted out.

 Disclaimer: Recommended age is 3 years and over. Adult supervision is always required  and recommended age is only a guideline.