About us

Preschool in a box aims to provide fun learning activities straight to your door. It is a school readiness program that helps prepare pre-schoolers for kindergarten.

Antoinette Sassine is the founder of Preschool in a box. She has her Masters of Teaching degree from birth to five years. Worked as an Early childhood teacher in a preschool room for over nine years. During this time she became a mother to three beautiful children and knew all to well how important school readiness was for young children. In order to prepare her own son for kindergarten she started creating fun yet educational activities from home so she could interact with him and prepare him for school. He loved it and everyday would ask for another activity to do. From this she knew what he loved doing, what he was really good at and what he needed to work further on. As the year progressed she could see how he had greatly improved.

Realising her passion for making such activities and seeing how she could make a positive impact on young children’s learning capabilities, Antoinette wanted to share her fun activities with others. Hence came Preschool in a box.