Toddler Preschool in a box (Box 1)
Toddler Preschool in a box (Box 1)

Toddler Preschool in a box (Box 1)

Preschool in a box
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This is the first Toddler Preschool in a box (Box 1).

Other boxes will become available when they are ready for release. 

In this Toddler Preschool in a box there are 14 fun, educational activities for toddlers to do with their parents. 

Concepts and activities included are

  • Alphabet recognition craft  Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd and Ee
  • Number recognition roads 1-3
  • Window shapes activity (square and triangle)
  • Colour sorting stickers (3 colours)
  • Play dough number activity
  • Fun fine motor activity (using tweezers)
  • Tracing and drawing lines (exercises to help strengthen those little fingers and support a good pencil grip and writing skills)
  • Fun name activity
  • Cutting activity
  • Colour in book.

Everything you need to complete the activities are included in the box.

Please include child's name in the notes section on your cart page (add a note to your order) so we can personalise the name activity worksheet. If notes section is left blank a generalised no name worksheet will be sent out.

No Po Box deliveries as our courier does not deliver to these addresses. 

Disclaimer: Recommended age is 2-3 years of age. Adult supervision is always required  and recommended age is only a guideline. 

Although ever effort has been made to exclude small parts due to choking hazards, some things may still be considered small. Adult supervision is always required while doing activities.