Write and Wipe Sleeve pack (Enlarged version)

Write and Wipe Sleeve pack (Enlarged version)

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This pack includes 14 educational worksheets (printed on 48 A4 pages) to help your pre-schooler become more confident practicing and recognising fundamental learning objectives which are vital when starting school. The font on this pack has been enlarged to help children who need extra support when it comes to fine motor tasks and writing. 

This pack is also personalised to your child’s first name so they can practice writing it at home. The font selected is with correspondence with the font used in your home state schooling in Australia.

The great thing is its reusable. Therefore, your child can practice the same worksheet again and again when they like.

This pack includes:

  • 1 x Wipeable sleeve
  • 14 educational worksheets (printed on 48 A4 pages)
  • 2 x whiteboard markers
  • 1 x whiteboard eraser

The worksheets include activities such as:

  • tracing different types of lines
  • tracing numbers 0-20 (two numbers per page)
  • writing lowercase letters (two letters per page)
  • writing UPPERCASE letters (two letters per page)
  • tracing different shapes
  • copying a pattern
  • writing and matching simple words
  • drawing different emotions
  • practice writing their own name (enlarged as much as possible to fit entire name on a4 page)

This pack includes FREE standard postage within Australia.

Please include child's first name in the notes section on your cart page (add a note to your order) so we can personalise the name writing worksheet